My Q2 2020 Vision Calls - 7 Days, 7 AM and 7 Takeaways

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

After the global breakout of the coronavirus, a lot of things started to go pear-shaped. I won’t list them all but I’m sure we all know the impact it has had on our education, businesses, mental state and much more. I’ve never been one to crumble in times of distress or fear but plan to make the best out the current situation. Then it struck me; I was presented with the opportunity to use my gifts to encourage, inspire and motivate others to also not live in fear but by faith. How was I going to do this? By restoring the “2020 Vision” many of us young individuals entered the year with. That being, the new blog, business, fitness journey, career, event planned, YouTube page, e-commerce store and much more we wish to start.

Essentially, I needed to build a community for us to network and plant the seed for many to thrive. So, on the 31st March – 6th April, I hosted 2020 vision calls at 7 AM every day. We decided to enter the second quarter (Q2) strong and by the end of the series built an exceptional, value-filled network. I thought I will summarise the 7 days below with 7 key takeaways. Enjoy.

Day 1

We started with 28 people on the call where we introduced ourselves. We took turns to declare our ‘2020 Vision’ so that it was heard by everyone. Not only were we all acting as witnesses but could hold each other accountable. Our first point of discussion was around the importance of a network. We proceeded to discuss the benefits of waking up early and providing structure to the day. This was something that I worked to highlight through the calls by starting at 7 AM, providing those who joined with a productive start to the day. Throughout the call, we exchanged resources that we would recommend, including book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the weekly productivity planner that stems from the book.

Key takeaway: Discipline is doing what you said you would do, long after the mood you have said it in has left.

Day 2

We saw a slight increase of people to 34 on the call at 7 AM. We had our first special guest Shola West who spoke to us about her journey from facing challenges at the age of 16 to becoming an award-winning digital marketing apprentice at WhiteHat GB. Shola West has sat on panels at City Hall, spoke on BBC Radio shows and was the youngest person to be shortlisted for the TechWomen100 Award. She also spoke on how to overcome challenges in the corporate world whilst being young but also being unapologetic about your background in the workforce. This is a circumstance that many of us on the call are currently facing so this was specifically helpful. She uncovered many helpful tips on digital marketing when building your brand or company. We finally wrapped up the call with a Q&A answering everyone’s question.

Key takeaway: Age is really just a number; you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Day 3

We had guest speaker Carl Konadu share his journey from achieving a 1st class Degree in Politics & IR to becoming a full-time entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Carl Konadu founded 2-3 degrees which are a training company that inspires and equips young people with the power to make positive decisions. Through talks and workshops, they build the confidence of young people to take practical steps towards achieving their goals. Carl spoke about having a ‘mindset over money’ and how this could help us work towards achieving our personal financial goals. Finally, and most importantly, he provided us with his definition of success; “the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.”

Key takeaway: Everything in this world is created twice, once in your mind, second in reality.

Day 4

We had special guest Natalia Zurowski deliver a masterclass on personal branding and Linkedin. Natalia is the Global Marketing & Communications Lead and the Head of Marketing for UK & APAC at Synechron, a leading digital business consultancy firm and technology solution provider headquartered out of New York with 19 global offices and over 8,000+ staff globally. Natalia spoke about useful LinkedIn tools including social selling index, sharing multiple resources to build and personally develop LinkedIn profile. She also expressed the importance of celebrating your success and success of others too and remaining authentic in all you do. She finally spoke about the importance of a side hustle, leaving us with a reassuring and motivating message.

Key takeaway: Be proactive and get a side-hustle!

Day 5

The online community reached 73 people on at 7 AM. As a network, we were all special guests and had a fireside chat about public speaking, communication and confidence. Between us, we worked to motivate each other and advised on how to improve in these areas as well as sharing resources such as Speeko - the automated verbal communication coaching to help you speak your best.

Key takeaway: Love and support each other.

Day 6

As a firm believer in Jesus Christ, I hosted a bible study which took place Sunday at 7 AM. I started the call by highlighting the importance of gratitude. People openly shared what they are grateful for. Then I played a video by Eric Thomas called ‘The Cost of Free’ which I thought contained an important message from which I delivered a short word on. The word focused on living a life in abundance and overflow as we’re truly blessed to do so. This didn’t mean accumulating a store of possessions, but the gifts we’re blessed with to serve others. Thoughtful discussions were then led after.

Key takeaway: To prevent adopting a poverty mindset. We’re producers not consumers so should use our gifts to create and serve others.

Day 7

We reached 100 people!!! (maximum capacity on zoom, well on my subscription anyway). We had special guest Keith West share his journey from growing up in Hackney, East London to becoming a successful serial entrepreneur. Keith West is a 1st Class Computer Science graduate, entrepreneur, investment banker, property developer and Ex-Pro Arsenal Footballer. He spoke to us about how he has implemented a great work ethic, from waking up at 5 AM to travel to Canary wharf to work in his full-time trader role at Citi Group until 5 PM. Keith then spoke about working on building his company Network & Chill which consists of the Network & Chill Social Club, a platform he has created to aid the Gen Z/Millennials in their entrepreneurial journey through creating FREE resources and an invaluable community. Lastly, we engaged in Q&A session and he shared many book recommendations.

Key takeaway: Anticipate change, get ready for the cheese to move. (only a few will understand!)

The truth is there are so many key takeaways, but I only listed one for each. But to conclude it was a great success with each of our 2020 vision restored.

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