How To Succeed With An Accountability Partner

Just under 7 months ago I decided to get an accountability partner, someone who could hold me accountable for my actions and help ensure they were positively contributing to my goals while I did the same for them. To be honest, the first 2 months were difficult as we were still adjusting to openly sharing our goals with each other and finding a way for the partnership to work effectively. But I could humbly say the following three months were life-changing for many reasons. Most significantly, I felt a burden had been lifted as I was no longer on this journey to success alone. Instead of beating myself up when I didn’t complete a piece of work or not acting on the things, I said I was going to do (or as Eric Thomas put its “verbal masturbation” - romanticizing about execution), I had someone in place as an encourager but also a coach to ensure I was taking action whilst receiving feedback.

Today I want to convince you why you need an accountability partner, how to find one and then succeed in the partnership together.

We often can’t rely on ourselves to get everything done due to a range of factors ranging from complacency to fatigue, this is where having an accountability partner comes in. When we express our goals to someone who can hold us accountable, we have an outside input to keep us going where we may have otherwise given up. Ultimately, this allows us to make more progress than if we had attempted to achieve the goal alone. As the African proverb goes: “if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go together” - accountability partners allow us to go further.

Now you know what accountability partners are and why you need them, you may be wondering how to make the most of your relationship with your accountability partner. First of all, you should aim to have someone with a similar sense of drive to you as an accountability partner so they are able to match your work ethic and push you further where need be. You also need to be able to communicate honestly with this person and put pride aside because you will need to hear uncomfortable truths on your journey to achieving your goals. It is important to put systems in place to make the most of your partner - I like to use three systems of accountability:

1. Weekly call

Having a call at a given time every week allows you to set goals with your partner while also tracking what progress you have made towards achieving said goals.

2. Shared calendar

Sharing your calendar with your partner allows you to be more specific in giving feedback and checking up on what progress has been made. I personally use google calendar.

3. Accountability apps

I use apps like Whatsapp, twist, todoist or slack to communicate my goals and progress with my partner. Having a solely work related platform allows me to streamline my progress and avoid distractions.

In short, if you are serious about achieving your goals and chasing your dreams, I urge you to get an accountability partner. Remember not all partnerships will work seamlessly, it might take a couple of months or even a change of partner to work well.

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Stay blessed.

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