It doesn't cost much.

Many of us may believe we cannot have a positive impact on other individuals because we have not reached the place we have envisioned for ourselves. I’ve heard it many times where people congratulate me for how I may have been of help to them but when I turn the tables and ask who have you helped this week, the answer is often “Sorry boss I’m trying to be like youuuuuu” or “Nahh I’m not there yet”. As though there is a final destination someone reaches to be qualified to help another (in any capacity). Of course, I understand you cannot help someone in the area of surgery if you’re not a surgeon. But I’m talking about the more simple things which don’t require you to be a trained professional, entrepreneur, influencer, leader or in the spotlight. The internet is very crowded so others who do not have much spotlight in this digital world may feel they are in a position where they can’t give. That is not true. You can give relative to what you have or can do. The secret to success is giving. Look at the history of successful individuals and I can almost guarantee they gave away their time, gift or knowledge to help others which propelled them into their success.

Give and it shall be given unto you - (Luke 6:38).

You’re giving can start right now. Below I’ve listed simple things you can do to help others. Notice they all have one thing in common, it doesn’t cost much.

Cheer people on - if you see someone doing a great job online or offline let them know. Be their cheerleader and encourage them to continue in the way they’re going. This is a form of appreciation and can build someone momentum behind closed doors.

Point people in the right direction - if you see someone who could benefit from a book you might have read, a podcast you might have listened to, video you might have watched or a person who has more knowledge/experience in the field they’re in, let them know.

Pray for people - a powerful tool I use to help others is prayer. Prayer can be a selfless act where you could contribute to impacting someone life for the better. Whether you share the Christian faith or not I still encourage you to pray for others where you can.

Three simple yet effective acts you could start now to help others. It doesn’t cost much.

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