My Top 5 Podcast Episodes So Far

Number 5

Podcast: Building You With Hayley Mulenda

Episode: Be Influential, Not An Influencer

Reason: Hayley emphasised the importance of building yourself as an individual over building your online following. The whole episode made me realise we should be careful not to sacrifice our development to keep up with social appearances. The most memorable quote from that episode was

“some of these people will influence you all the way to hell”,

a gentle reminder to be careful of influencers you are following.

Number 4

Podcast: Half cast (Chuckie Online)

Episode: Power in the pound!!

Reason: In this episode, private banker Franklin Asante aka Urban Financier gave insightful information on a wide range of topics including becoming financially independent, how to support and grow black businesses, why comparison can be dangerous and much more. What stuck out for me was Franklin’s take on accumulating wealth when coming from a low-income background and trying to be the breadwinner.

Number 3

Podcast: Million Dollar Life Lessons

Episode: We’re Going Live Business Breakdown

Reason: Prince Donell broke down people's questions surrounding growing a business and produced practical solutions to their problems. When answering a woman's questions on methods she could use to promote her children clothing brand, Donell highlighted the importance of selling your story. In short, her story was why she started a kids clothing brand in the first place. He stressed that people buy out of the emotional connection with a product, service or story. So if you are in the early stages of building your brand, trying to emotionally connect your product or service with your customers is key. This way they are more likely to purchase.

Number 2

Podcast: The Roommates

Episode: Devon Franklin Talks The Truth About Men, Healthy Dating Habits, Mastering The Dog + More

Reason: This podcast revealed to me many truths about myself that I didn’t even realise. Devon Franklin, Award-Winning Hollywood producer and author of The Truth About Men offered unique insights to relationships and dating. Most importantly, he addressed the importance of discipline, especially in the area of lust and why it is important to learn discipline earlier rather than later. He uses an analogy, the Dog (lust) and the Master (love) then emphasises why the master should always be in control. After I listened to this podcast I bought his book “The Truth About Men” which goes deeper into this subject matter. Highly recommended for Men and Women.

Number 1:

Podcast: The Secret To Success with CJ & Eric Thomas

Episode: You Can’t Have My Check

Reason: This episode was so powerful! The reason it’s number one is because of the authenticity around building your success from the ground up. CJ discussed why you shouldn’t look for handouts and try to cheat the process towards success, emphasising the importance of taking your time to build something excellent. A good example he used was the idea that people who just started a podcast want to get Eric Thomas as a guest to boost their followers. CJ highlighted this would be a disservice to them as the next week the majority of the listeners won’t show because the hosts were focused on shortcuts rather than spending time building their platform to a level of excellence. This was just one small concept that blew my mind and there were many more. This podcast opened my eyes to the dangers of premature success and jumping the gun. If anyone wants to stay grounded in this society where people want instant gratification and everything fast then I highly recommend this episode.

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