#TheOneThing I’ve Learnt From 2020

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The one thing I’ve learnt from the year 2020 is that when a storm brews, prepare to change your environment.

According to Google, a storm can be defined as

a tumultuous reaction; an uproar or controversy

(tumultuous meaning loud/confused/disorderly). One could argue COVID-19 has been the greatest storm that has caused a global disturbance in the atmosphere including millions of lives. Not only has it taken lives but disrupted our working conditions, families, relationships, business, education and so on. If you’re reading this consider yourself highly blessed and favoured. It means your job is not done here and you still have a purpose your currently operating in or yet to find out.

People have not only suffered from storms such as COVID-19 but many prevalent ones in 2020 including but not limited to: breakups, unemployment, failure, anxiety, depression, loss of a loved one, feeling of inadequacy, loss of faith, failed business, loss of identity, loneliness, racism, discrimination etc. Unfortunately, the list goes on. But if anything I have learned from any of these storms is that you shouldn’t remain in the environment it creates. Therefore, change it for the better.

The environment after these storms are not pleasant and could be correlated. For example, as we’ve seen COVID-19 has caused an increase in unemployment worldwide which may lead to depression triggering anxiety or loss of faith. Many of us accept the environment we are in even if it were caused by an uncontrollable storm as it is just ‘life’. We may adopt this ‘get on with it’ mentality, hoping it will get better soon. I’m sure you have heard the saying, our best successes happen during the storm. Whether you believe it or not, I want to share with you my take on what you should do when a storm brews or is actively disrupting your environment.




To put simply, have a look at this image below.

On the left, there is a beautiful house with a front garden. It is an environment where people can live, play, grow, have a picnic etc (you get the picture). On the right, we see the same environment after a storm has done its work. It is no place to stay to reap the physical or emotional benefits one were to receive from previously residing there. Once our environments change for the worse after certain events we shouldn’t remain in the aftermath but seek change immediately. It may be easier said than done although it is possible (Philippians 4:13, Mark 9:23). I encourage you not to settle as it could affect your performance directly impacting the results you desire in life.

How do you change your environment?

1. Assess your current environment

Before you change your environment you need to identify the limiting factors that are stopping you from growing. Ask yourself questions such as, what has put me in this environment? What is preventing me from reaching my full potential? I’m I the only one suffering from this or others? What will it take to make the conditions optimum for me to grow again? Unless you acknowledge there is limiting factors on your growth, you will either remain content with your current environment or won’t reach your optimum.

2. Remove yourself from unfavourable conditions

2021 is not the year to be compromising your growth. If there is an unfavourable condition you have identified, CUT IT OFF. This can be pessimism whether that be individuals or specific news sources. Parasites. Anything that sucks the energy and life out of you without adding no value. Hustle culture. The idea of consistently working without any reflection or rest. If you don’t thrive in a hustle culture, get rid of it! Social media. If you have identified a definite app is doing more harm than good then let it go. Others include toxic friendships, one-sided relationships, fear (this one more difficult than others), pride and so on. We all thrive in different environments, so not one shoe fits for everyone. What I’m trying to encourage you to do is find the condition that is stopping you from achieving greatness whether that be in a mental, physical or emotional state and remove it.

3. Spend time with those who will enhance your environment

Lastly, you should start surrounding yourself with individuals who will add value to your life. One trait I highly value in people is their ability to empower those who are around them. You do not have to be a motivational speaker to empower someone but carry out acts such as allowing someone to recognise their strengths. Speak words of encouragement into their lives. Be kind. I know people (including myself) who go online to seek such individuals who will uplift them if there is a shortage in their current support group. Believe me when I say they are full-time committed individuals who are releasing videos, podcasts, books, blogs dedicated to enhancing environments and supporting personal growth. You do not have to settle with the current environment you are in now, get up and change it.

In a nutshell, that is what 2020 has taught me :)


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