#TheOneThing We Learnt From 2020

My 2020 reflection event consisted of over 40 individuals coming together at 7 AM to reflect on the year. Bundles of knowledge were shared between our community and spirits were uplifted.

After a long thoughtful discussion, I asked everyone an important question. What is #TheOneThing you learnt from 2020? Below I share with you some of the responses.

“Your year is what you make of it.” - Love
“Flexibility !” - Grace
“No more self-centred agendas” - Ama
“Prayer and Perseverance” - Candace
“The importance of adapting” - Sean
“Create opportunities for yourself” - Danielle
“I’ve learned the importance of grasping different opportunities in the face of uncertainty and adversity.” - Oyinda
“Importance of Self Awareness and Faith” - Abdikarim
“Face your front” - Hilary
“Find your foundation, find peace in knowing your life is not 100% in your control” - Armani
“Growth requires pain and difficulty” - Kare
“Storm’s don’t last forever” - Tofunmi
“Being grateful for the little things.”- Adeel
“No matter what it looks like, God is faithful” - Kenny
“The power of knowing your reason why!” - Abiola
“Adaptability” - Prince
“Having the right people around me, made my vision clearer” - Lindsay
“A hopeful perspective transforms pain into strength for the next season.” - Oreoluwa
“Discipline your disappointment, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” - Denzil
“The only thing standing between who you want to be and who you are now is yourself” - Wayne
“Protect your peace - it’s not by force for you to be everywhere at the same time” - Kamsi
“How to leverage my mind through the law of attraction” - Ashley
“Love yourself for who you are, not what you do!” - Mary-Grace
“You need to stay adaptable, but also be strong from within. Being internally focused and clear, staying in your own lane, not worrying about external goals. Focus and clarity is vital” - Ejaz
“Appreciate every stage you're in.” - Emily
“who am I- beyond my education” - Adedoyin
“That if God is not my foundation, then I will struggle only because everything in this world is perishable but God isn't.” - Vitoria
“I’m not in control, I can do the best I can do and make the most out of my situation and leave the rest to God.” - Ebunoluwa
“I have to look at myself holistically” - Bless
“Trusting God’s timing & purpose for myself & my craft” - Precious
“foundation is key- you need to know who you are” - Oluwademilade
“To ground myself if a place that is unshakable” - Tabitha
“Embrace change” - Rhema
“Don't put your value in the things you've achieved or obtained. Discover your identity and build your foundation.” - Daniel

Feel free to comment on what you learnt in 2020!

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