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Do you need a guest speaker who can motivate, inspire and train your audience for your next event? Victor is a resilient man who shares his story empowering others to live a life worth living. He has been a favourite amongst many students and organisations because of his authenticity. His energy will charge the room whether virtual or physical leaving everyone in awe. He can speak on many topic areas and strives for impact above all. 

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Motivational School Speaker

Wayne Gouro

Victor is an amazing person. So wise and keen to help you reach your own ambitions. A plethora of actionable advice and tips left me excited to get stuff done!

Zainab Sohail

I felt very moved and provoked to take action. Victor was very articulate in presenting valuable steps in accomplishing certain goals. I couldn’t recommend booking Victor enough.

Nadia Simpson

Victor gave great advice on how to network with others to create valuable relationships that can actually lead to something. I’m glad I booked in for a mentoring call every minute was useful!


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