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Victor Sosanya


Your story is what makes you unique. My story has inspired many and is written by the greatest author, Jesus Christ.


I was born in East London and raised in a Nigerian household that taught me the value of hard work. Laziness was never an option. From a young age, I started working in retail while juggling multiple side-hustles. I was determined to earn extra income to support my family and be self-sufficient. 

The truth is, my journey into business began at 13 years old, when I sold chicken wraps to hungry students in my secondary school during break and lunch times.

Curious about profiting from supply and demand mismatch, I went to study Economics at the University of Warwick, after securing a full-tuition scholarship. Upon graduating, I achieved a huge milestone – winning the Global Undergraduate Awards 2022. Out of 2,812 submissions worldwide, my research paper was ranked #1 in the Economics category. 

I've always felt compelled to document my journey and share the invaluable lessons I've learned along the way. So honing my communication skills became my top priority, amplifying my ability to make a lasting impact. This led me to speak to the hearts of over 1,000 individuals, from stages to classrooms and every point in between.


Considering the barriers I've overcome to secure positions in the investment banking, tech and creative industries, I’ve understood the importance of developing high-value skills. So I founded The Valuable Community, a network where ambitious individuals find accountability, develop valuable skills and intimate connections to achieve their most audacious goals.

I am now embarking on a new chapter by pursuing a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge Business School to further merge my passions for education, technology and promoting social mobility.

My mission is simple

To ignite individuals to take action, make a meaningful impact and find joy through the power of my voice.



The Official Bio

Victor Sosanya

 Victor is a global award-winning economics graduate and is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Master of Entrepreneurship (MSt) at the University of Cambridge. He was awarded the 9th Top Future Leader celebrating outstanding African and African Caribbean students in the UK and the Global Undergraduate Winner 2022 in the Economics category for his published research paper. He started his career as an equity trader at Credit Suisse Investment Bank after receiving a scholarship to study at the University of Warwick.

Victor is the Founder of The Valuable Community, a network where ambitious individuals find accountability, develop valuable skills and intimate connections to achieve their most audacious goals. He is a skilled public speaker and workshop facilitator with a proven track record of over five years in training students and graduates to improve their communication & soft skills. Extremely passionate about education, he serves on the Foundation for Education Development (FED) Learners Council, where he advises organisations like Ofsted, UCL and the UK government on educational policies.


I was raised in a Christian household full of prayer and belief. My earliest memories include attending Sunday School, joyfully singing hymns in primary school and reading the bible filled with excitement. However, as I got older, I was choked by the cares, riches and pleasures of the world. I was no longer bold in my faith, I didn’t want to offend anyone or exalt the Word of God above differing ideologies. I became entangled in the perverseness that prevailed in society. I became an in-frequent churchgoer and lived in condemnation. 

By grace and repentance, I stumbled across devout Bible-believing Christians during my time at University. They reminded me of the greatest love story ever told - The Gospel. 

Recently, I was baptised, publicly declaring my faith. No longer ashamed, I’ve found the truth - Jesus Christ who offers eternal life, fulfilment and peace. 

Victor Sosanya Baptism
Victor Sosanya Baptism
Victor Sosanya Baptism

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:23

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